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Olympic History

Modern Olympic Games: History Overview

Overview of all Modern Olympic Games (1896-present) 1896- Athens. The First Modern Olympics. Winners received an olive branch, a customary award in the ancient games, as well as a certificate and a silver medal....

List of the All-time Best Olympic Athletes Ever

Top Greatest Olympians of All-Time There is no particular order to the list. It is a listing of the best olympic athletes and sports competitors in the history of the Modern Summer and Winter... Sports: 2006 Winter Olympics at Torino, Italy Winter Olympics Games XX 2006

2006 Winter Olympics Coverage Torino, Italy: 2006 Winter Olympics   · February 10-26, 2006: Torino 2006 · Medal Count   · The Closing Ceremony is February 26, 2006.   · Full coverage and TV schedule at NBC Sports.2006 Events   · Events Schedule History...
Basketball at the Summer Olympics

United States Performance in the Summer Olympics

The United States in the Summer Olympics Below is a chart and below that the historical data indicating the number of Summer Olympic medals that the U.S. has won over the years, including the results of the 2004...