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European Union: 82 Golds vs. 35 For U.S.
Bizarre: Marathon Leader Tackled Into the Crowd
The best 2004 Summer Olympian: Michael Phelps- 6 Gold, and 2 Bronze Medals

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· The Athens Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony was August 29, 2004.
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The 2004 Summer Olympics are now finished. Here are the FINAL medal counts: Overall medal totals, by Sport, and by Individual

Here are some facts and information about the 2004 Summer Olympics at Athens, Greece.

There were a total of 301 gold medals awarded at the games. 28 sports were played as part of the Olympics. And, just over 10,000 athletes competed, including the highest percentage of women in Olympic history.

The most important sports, as always, were track and field and swimming and diving. Over 200 of the medals come from those two sports. Gymnastics, Cycling, Shooting, Wrestling, and Canoe/Kayak are the next biggest sports with about 50 medals awarded from competitions in each of these sports. Weightlifting, Rowing, Judo, Boxing, and Fencing generally award rougly 35-40 medals each. Basketball, Diving, Sailing, Soccer, and the Triathlon, are eagerly anticipated, higly watched events, but their are minimal amounts of medals awarded and they have no impact on the overall olympic medal counts.

On August 13, 2004 the Olympic Games returned to Athens, Greece for the "Games of the XXVIII Olympiad". The Ancient Olympic games originated in Greece and the first modern olympics was held in Athens in 1896.

Also, see the following link for an analysis of the performance of the United States in the Summer Olympics over the years, from 1896 to present.

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