ADVANCE NCAA Tournament Game-by-Game Predictions through the Final Four and NCAA Championship.

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2016 Advance Picks: This is the entire tourney bracket picked by our computer model prior to the start of the tournament.

For round-by-round visit our other predictions page at NCAA tournament predictions.

Notes: Tournament Champion is predicted to be .

*Stats Explanations
The predicted winner is bolded. The unnamed column shows the predicted point spreads. Top line is our computer forecast. Negative number means higher seed is favoured. The second line is the Vegas line/odds/spread. Negative number means the higher seed is favoured.
Rank= Total Ranking- Combined ranking using the RPI, Sagarin, and Pomeroy rankings plus impact of RPI Strength of Schedule.
RPI= RPI Rank (RPI is historically considered to be the gold standard for the NCAA Selections Committee) and the actual RPI number. Here are the actual RPI ratings
Sag= Sagarin Rank. Click here for the Sagarin ratings. The number listed in the column above is the teams rank in the list.
Sag= Pomeroy Computer Ranking. SOS= Strength of Schedule Ranking according to RPI ratings.
Score= Total Ranking- Actual value of the combined formula based on the RPI, Sagarin, and Pomeroy rankings plus impact of RPI Strength of Schedule.
Off Pts= Points per game.
Def Pts= Opponents points per game.

All the stats and analysis you need to make informed NCAA Tournament Pool Picks in one simple, quick print location. Predictions are based on a proprietary computer model.


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