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Last update: 3/14/10 (3:35pm ET)

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2010: Which teams are in?
The tables below show which teams from which conference are definitely in (Automatic Bid), which are likely in (Locks) and which teams are "Probable" and "On the Bubble". The conferences are ordered by their Sagarin ranking. This is the quickest way to see who the bubble teams are going up against. Who's in? Scroll and decide.
Final 2009-2010 NCAA Total Ranking. We also will have round-by-round updated at NCAA tournament predictions.

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NCAA Tournament Bubble Teams and Automatic Bids

Bubble and Locks: Analysis:
· According to our analysis 6 spots remain for bubble teams. No more spoilers left.
· We think Miss St is a lock. We think Gonzaga is getting a bid.
· Pac-10 gets 3 teams. We would really be surprised if they don't. Yeah, Arizona State doesn't quite stack up on RPI/rankings but 3 for the Pac-10, that's our call.
· Our bias is kind of obviously toward stretching out the representation.
· We bold the 5 teams on the bubble we think might make it. One more?
· As we see it, it is Witchita St vs Notre Dame vs Wake Forest. For the last 2 spots. Maybe all 3 of those if we are wrong on Ariz St. UTEP, Utah St, and Gonzaga are other smaller schools in which the committee could dump and go with a marquee school, like even get Oklahoma St in (or Illinois or Florida). We think Gonzaga is in and the conferences above them should each get 2+ teams. That means Witchita St is in by us.
· #1 Seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, West Virginia. Have to give the Big East a #1 seed. Mountaineers earned it.
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