The Toronto Raptors’ ultra-sweet finish in the 2018-2019 season of the NBA proved that magical title victory is very much possible. However, Kawhi Leonard’s move to free agency that eventually led him to sign a contract with the LA Clippers ended the Raptors’ very reason to celebrate sooner than expected. Also, the vacancy left by Leonard’s departure forced the Raptors management to look for ways to reinvent the team’s lineup and continue the monumental success they achieved in the previous season.  

Just like the Toronto Raptors, many other NBA teams have accomplished the needed restructuring and strategic adjustments to prepare for the upcoming seasons’ challenges. Among the most significant teams who successfully implemented the needed preparation and currently viewed as the top contenders for the 2019-2020 crown are the following.

#1 Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are presently regarded as the most capable team to capture the championship crown of the 2019 -2020 NBA season. The latest figures revealed that it would take about +300 odds to win the championship. Also, the team is confirmed to be re-spearheaded again by the great Lebron James. Not only that, James will most likely be joined in the court as the team’s starter by other basketball greats with the likes of Anthony Davis (Power Forward), DeMarcus Cousins (Center), Kyle Kuzma (Small Forward), and Danny Green (Shooting Guard).

Upon looking at the Lakers’ starting lineup, anybody who is aware of the team’s history would easily conclude that this will be something to look forward to since the Kobe era. Many Lakers fans are delighted to witness how the team will execute plays and hopefully win games with James, Cousins, Davis and Green on the court.

#2 Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers is also a team worth mentioning when talking about the top team contenders for 2019-2020 NBA championship crown. To bring home the victory, the Clippers has to deal with the +325 odds, a figure which is a bit higher than the other Los Angeles-bearing team. Furthermore, the Clippers will also rest its fate on its Hall of Fame coach in the person of the legendary Doc Rivers. The court action is also expected to be handled by its starting lineup made up of Kawhi Leonard (Small Forward), Paul George (Small Forward), Ivica Zubac (Center), Patrick Beverley (Point Guard), and Landry Shamet (Shooting Guard).

Aside from Kawhi Leonard’s surprising move to the Clippers, many of the team’s fans are excited to witness how the Leonard and George team-up will work on the court. Of course, most of these fans are hoping that the newly-assembled team will be able to capture the 2019-2020 NBA finals crown.

#3 Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks’ relatively impressive performance in the previous season is believed to continue throughout the 2019-2020 season. With about +550 odds to battle, many experts firmly believe that the Bucks has all it takes to bag the crown. For the 2019-2020 season, the Bucks’ quest for glory will be assigned to the hands of its current player rooster headed by the starting lineup that fields the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo (Power Forward), Eric Bledsoe (Point Guard), Khris Middleton (Small Forward), Brook Lopez (Center), and Wesley Matthews (Shooting Guard).

#4 Houston Rockets

Coming in at the fourth spot of this list is the Houston Rockets. Many experts agree that this team didn’t make any significant changes that other rivals did. However, the Houston Rockets is still considered as a powerhouse and a worthy contender for the 2019-2020 crown with +850 odds to overcome. To seal this most coveted fate this season, the Houston Rockets will lean on its well-motivated players headed by James Harden (Point Guard), newly-acquired Russel Westbrook (Point Guard) from the Oklahoma City Thunder, Clint Capela (Center), Eric Gordon (Shooting Guard), and PJ Tucker (Small Forward).

#5 Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers has +850 odd points to overcome to take the 2019-2020 NBA season crown. This means that the 76ers have a similar amount of opposing force that the Houston Rockets need to triumph against. To make this goal possible, the Philadelphia 76ers will utilize the skills of its entire team as headed by the starting lineup composed of Joel Embiid (Center), James Ennis (Small Forward), Tobias Harris (Forward) and Al Horford (Power Forward). The starting lineups’ performance is expected to be reinforced by its hardworking bench roster.

#6 Golden State Warriors

Despite the disastrous finish in the last season’s conference the Golden State Warriors is still among the top contenders that will most likely bag the 2010-2020 NBA championship. According to the latest trends, the team needs to emerge victorious against the +1000 odds to reclaim the title that was surprisingly stolen by the former Toronto Raptors team under Leonard’s leadership. 

To capture the 2020 crown, the Golden State Warriors is in great need of resolving some of the problems confronting the team. One of these problems was probably the void left by the absence of some of its key players. Steve Kerr, the team’s coach, however, stressed that the Golden State Warrior is not short of players who will carry the team to the finals. Kerr even revealed that for the 2010-2020 season, GSW had acquired various key players and this includes the likes of D’Angelo Russell and Willie Cauley-Stein.

 Kerr also shared that to boost further the team’s chances of getting the crown, the coaching staff is now in the process of developing its rookies particularly Jordan Poole, Eric Paschall and Alen Smailagic to assist the Warriors’ potent starting lineup composed of Stephen Curry (Point Guard), D’ Angelo Russell (Shooting Guard), Alfonso McKinnie (Small Forward), Draymond Green (Power Forward), and Willie Cauley Stein (Center).

#7 Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz, which needs to overcome about +1200 odds made it to the seventh spot of our list. The Jazz proved to be a potent contender for the championship title since it went a lot of retooling during the off-season. Among the team’s most significant move so far is adjusting its roster while remaining determined to continue to make use of its young athletic nucleus spearheaded by Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. To further boost its chance of bagging the crown, Utah Jazz also acquired Memphis Grizzlies’ star point guard Mike Conley in exchange for Kyle Korver, Jae Crowder and Grayson Allen who were sent to Memphis. 

The acquisition of Conley is viewed by a lot of basketball experts as a good way for Utah to add a veteran player to its starting lineup and assist the team in pursuing its championship title quest. For the upcoming season, the Jazz is expected to field its starting lineup composed of Rudy Gobert (Center), Joe Ingles (Power Forward), Bojan Bogdanovic (Small Forward), Donovan Mitchell (Shooting Guard), and Mike Conley (Point Guard).

#7 Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets will once again take on their luck to claim the crown for the 2019-2020 season of the NBA. The good thing is that the team this year is among the top contender for the championship title with about +1800 odds to overcome. Fortunately, the Denver Nuggets seemed to have prepared well in the offseason for such hindrances that will prevent them from claiming the crown. 

For this season, the Nuggets will rely on the genius of its head coach Michael Malone and its key players particularly those who belong to the starting lineup like Nikola Jokic (Center), Paul Millsap (Power Forward), Torrey Craig (Small Forward), Gary Harris (Shooting Guard), and Jamal Murray (Point Guard). Also, the Nuggets team’s campaign is expected to be further boosted by the addition of some promising players in the roster especially Michael Porter Jr. and Bol Manute Bol who is recovering from a foot injury but will be available soon to play for the team.

#8 Brooklyn Nets

After a series of adjustments implemented on the team during the off-season, the Brooklyn Nets seemed to completed their homework and came up with a strong team to play for the franchise this 2019-2020 NBA season and bring home the crown. The Nets also acquired several players to strengthen their lineup. This includes John Egbunu and C.J. Williams. Egbunu plays the center position and has a height of 6’11. Williams on the hand is a 6’5 guard who has played with other NBA teams such as the Timberwolves and the LA Clippers. The Brooklyn Nets will also post their starting lineup for the upcoming season which includes Kyrie Irving (Point Guard), Joe Harris (Shooting Guard), Caris LeVert (Small Forward), Rodions Kurucs (Power Forward), and Jarrett Allen (Center).

#9 Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have been consistent in winning games and make it to the finals for a few seasons. Unfortunately, their efforts were not enough to bring home the crown. Due to this, the team’s management has come up with a few adjustments and continue to look for ways to further improve the accomplishments that the team will accomplish in the court.

Unfortunately, the Boston Celtics were quite successful in keeping the details of the major preparations they made for the upcoming season. Thus, basketball experts are left with limited knowledge as to what the Celtics would offer when the season starts. But for sure, the Boston Celtics will field a potent lineup to go against the +2500 odds with players like Kemba Walker (Point Guard), Marcus Smart (Shooting Guard), Jayson Tatum (Small Forward), Gordon Hayward (Power Forward) and Enes Canter (Center).


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