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Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets 2019-2020 Season Preview

The Brooklyn Nets had a pretty average NBA season last year; winning half of their games in 42 wins, 40 losses game record, and generally had a rough time of it all. However, fans can be assured...
Boston Celtics 2019-2020 Season Preview

Boston Celtics 2019-2020 Season Preview

The Boston Celtics are looking to rebound from a disappointing season, but it will not be easy. In the offseason, they lost, among others, All-Star guard Kyrie Irving and starting center Al Horford. To make up for this, they traded...

Current 2004-2005 NBA Season Fantasy Player Rankings

FINAL: All NBA Players in 2004-2005 Season: Sorted By Fantasy Value per GameBased on Fanbay.net Fantasy Value formula that tries to be an average of most leagues out there. Points=1, Rebounds=1.5, Assists=2, Turnovers=-2, Steals=3, Blocks=3Updated after 2004-05...

List of NBA World Champions Since 1947

The NBA Finals. It remains a long time with only 1 fresh winner since the 1979 season among the last 31 titles (including the 2009-2010 World Champion NBA Finals winning Lakers) all going to only 7 different...
Will LeBron James Become The New NBA All-Time Scoring Leader?

Will LeBron James Become The New NBA All-Time Scoring Leader?

Last March, NBA superstar LeBron James moved into 4th place on the NBA all-time scoring list, passing the legendary Michael Jordan. Currently, James has 32,543 points, putting him 5,844 points behind the NBA all-time scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his 38,387...
Atlanta Hawks 2019-2020 Season Preview

Atlanta Hawks 2019-2020 Season Preview

The Atlanta Hawks, in the coming season, look to continue their rebuilding process around emerging young stars Trae Young, John Collins, and the new ones they just drafted. While the team seems to be moving in the right direction under...

Top 75 NBA Centers By Fantasy Value

Centers ranked according to their Fantasy Value per game. Last update: 9/4/04. Top 85 (all) NBA Centers By FV/G (2003-2004)

NBA: Fantasy Basketball Tips and Guide

Fantasy Basketball Tips- A guide to playing NBA fantasy basketball. This is insights from the most successful managers in the PBL (Paradise Basketball League) fantasy basketball league. The PBL is a high stakes league...
Redrafting the 2009 NBA Draft

10 Years Later: Revisiting The 2009 NBA Draft

This year marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most impactful drafts in the history of the NBA. The 2009 NBA Draft gave us a pair of perennial MVP candidates and a slew of good players.

Projected Final Team Standings for the 2009-2010 NBA Season Preview by Fanbay.net

NBA Centre. 2009-2010 NBA Standings Predictions: Eastern (last year) ยท Western (last year) 2009-10 Season Preview - Predicted Final Team Standings (last updated September 3, 2009) 2009-2010 UPDATE SOON Western Conference