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2016 Major League Soccer

San Jose Earthquakes

The MLS will kick off its 21st season (the first MLS Cup was in 1996). For a complete season preview visit. The 2016 schedule is here.

MLS Cup 2016 will be in December 2016

Future: The current 20-team league was expanded to 18 teams in 2011 (Portland and Vancouver) and 19 in 2012 (Montreal). MLS will then have 3 Canadian teams. And 20 following the 2015 additions of Orlando and New York City (and Chivas USA defunct). Atlanta, Minnesota, LA and Miami are slated to get teams in the future.

Previous MLS Cup

2009 MLS Cup Champions: Real Salt Lake
2008 MLS Cup Champions: Columbus Crew
2007 MLS Cup Champions: Houston Dynamo2007 MLS Cup
2006 MLS Cup Champions: Houston Dynamo2006 MLS Cup
2005 MLS Cup Champions: Los Angeles Galaxy

International Soccer

The last FIFA World Cup was in South Africa in 2010. Visit the site here.

· wsoccer

Women’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer World web site here.

US Women’s National Team web site here.

New: the WUSA Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA web site here) presents Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS). The first season of the WPS started in April 2009. See the official map of teams here.

Women's Professional Soccer

European Soccer

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UEFA: Union of European Football Assocations: web site (including UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup) is here.

UEFA Euro 2008 (June 7-29, 2008 hosted by Austria-Switzerland) official site: here.

England: English Premier League coverage here.

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