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Fantasy MLB Baseball
Baltimore Orioles W%, Site, D
Boston Red Sox W%, Site, D
Chicago White Sox W%, Site, D
Cleveland Indians W%, Site, D
Detroit Tigers W%, Site, D
Kansas City Royals W%, Site, D
Los Angeles Angels W%, Site, D
Minnesota Twins W%, Site, D
New York Yankees W%, Site, D
Oakland A's W%, Site, D
Seattle Mariners W%, Site, D
Tampa Bay Rays W%, Site, D
Texas Rangers W%, Site, D
Toronto Blue Jays W%, Site, D

National League
Ariz. Diamondbacks W%, Site, D
Atlanta Braves W%, Site, D
Chicago Cubs W%, Site, D
Cincinnati Reds W%, Site, D
Colorado Rockies W%, Site, D
Florida Marlins W%, Site, D
Houston Astros W%, Site, D
Los Angeles Dodgers W%, Site, D
Milwaukee Brewers W%, Site, D
New York Mets W%, Site, D
Philadelphia Phillies W%, Site, D
Pittsburgh Pirates W%, Site, D
San Diego Padres W%, Site, D
San Francisco Giants W%, Site, D
St Louis Cardinals W%, Site, D
Washington Nationals W%, Site, D

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2009 World Series: Results
· New York Yankees 4 games to 2 over Philadelphia Phillies
· 2009 Final Standings

2008 World Series: Results
· Philadelphia Phillies 4 games to 1 over Tampa Bay Rays
· 2008 Final Standings

2007 World Series: Results
· Boston Red Sox 4 games to 0 over Colorado Rockies
· 2007 Final Standings

2006 World Series: Results
· St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 1 over Detroit Tigers
· 2006 Final Standings

2005 World Series: Results
· Chicago White Sox (beat Houston Astros 4-0)
· 2005 Final Standings