NBA player rankings are based on fantasy value expectations for the upcoming 2008-2009 season. Rankings will be updated to reflect news and related pre-season developments. Last update: 10/20/08.

Top 15 NBA Guards

Position Summary GUARDS

1. Kobe Bryant LAL
What will his goal be this season?

2. Chris Paul NO
Paul superceded even our lofty expectations last year. A true NBA breakout

3. Baron Davis LAC
Could be ready for another big year.

4. Vince Carter NJN
No Kidd and Jefferson means big number potential.

5. Dwayne Wade MIA
Should be expected to return to form.

6. Deron Williams UTA
Continues to put up the numbers.

7. Kevin Durant OKC
Wide open in Oklahoma for Durant.

8. Steve Nash PHX
There isn’t much upside with Nash. But, for the stability factor he’s worth drafting this high.

9. Tony Parker: SAS
Has turned into the #2 guy in San Antonio.

10. Allen Iverson DEN
Haven’t yet been able to write him off.

11. Kevin Martin SAC
It’s Martin’s team in Sacramento. His fantasy value may not shoot too much higher, but he’s a safe, safe pick.

12. Mo Williams CLE
Mo wound up in the one spot where he could really fit in perfectly.

13. Joe Johnson ATL
Seems to be in a safe spot to put up numbers.

14. Brandon Roy: POR
Ready to go household?

15. Jamal Crawford NYK
Could really thrive in D’Antoni’s offence. At the same time, he was almost the only decent player on the court for the Knicks at times last season.

16. Michael Redd MIL
So far just a 1-dimensional fantasy star.

17. Jason Kidd DEN
An all or nothing type of pick.

INJ. Gilbert Arenas WAS
Where to draft him, given injury risks and missed time this season?

High Risk / High Reward

Leandro Barbosa PHX: Didn’t really live up to expectations last year and the pace in Phoenix will slow so not an easy pick.

T.J. Ford IND: Definitely upside potential here.

Anthony Parker TOR: It might turn out that Parker has a low-pressure grip on enough minutes to deliver solid fantasy value.

Stephen Jackson GSW: With Monta Ellis out early will Jackson take full control of the team with big numbers?

Jameer Nelson ORL: Team is backing him and so potential is there.


C.Billups, R.Allen, M.Ellis**, R.Felton/D.J.Augustin, R.Rondo, R.Foye, R.McCants, D.Harris, Ginobili*, Gordon, Miller, M.Conley, O.J.Mayo.


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