NBA player rankings are based on fantasy value expectations for the upcoming 2008-2009 season. Rankings will be updated to reflect news and related pre-season developments. Last update: 10/20/08.

Top NBA Forwards

Position Summary FORWARDS

1. LeBron James CLE
The safest, best choice.

2. Dirk Nowitzki DAL
He is still the man depended on in Dallas and we don’t think he has aged past his prime. Just write off last season.

3. Kevin Garnett BOS
Reputation qualifies him for this high of a pick.

4. Josh Smith ATL
Meet the new Shawn Marion: a true multi-category threat.

5. David West NO
The other All-Star in New Orleans.

6. Carmelo Anthony DEN
Anthony has yet to bring an all-around fantasy game but with Camby gone a few more boards may come his way. Plus, ‘Melo has taken Denver to the playoffs every single year of his career.

7. Shawn Marion MIA
Transition to Miami has wiped away a lot of the Marion hype. Clearly he has wide open space to produce now, but it just doesn’t feel the same.

8. Paul Pierce BOS
Essential to Boston’s success in the playoffs, proving he is still the heart of the team.

9. Andre Iguodala PHI
His role will change a bit with Brand in town. How will he handle it?

10. Josh Howard DAL
Not an easy choice, but has the room to improve fantasy wise.

11. Rudy Gay MEM
Rudy is not destined to be an NBA star. He will have to work and want it– and we aren’t yet sold that he really, really does.

12. Ron Artest HOU
Too much upside potential to ignore– especially with injury prone McGrady and Ming around.

13. Tracy McGrady: HOU
A walking injury hazard. Plus, Houston has plenty of talent now (including Artest) for McGrady to curl up and hide all his talents, just like he always desires to.

14. Rashard Lewis ORL
It may yet still be too early to write off Lewis from a breakout season.

15. Caron Butler WAS
This is an all-or-nothing risky pick. Either Caron will really work out, or it could be a disaster.

16. Gerald Wallace: CHA
“Crash” is prone to slipping and winding up out several games injured. Besides that risk, Larry Brown is stepping in as head coach in Charlotte and Wallace is just the kind of guy Brown may want to blame losses on.

17. Richard Jefferson MIL
R-J is heading into a new situation in Milwaukee and its tough to know what he will be let loose to do.


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