NBA player rankings are based on fantasy value expectations for the upcoming 2008-2009 season. Rankings will be updated to reflect news and related pre-season developments. Centre positions are based mostly on Yahoo! fantasy position eligibility. Last update: 10/19/08.

Top 15 NBA Centres

Position Summary CENTRES

1. Dwight Howard ORL
Statistically, Dwight is living up to the superman aura he has created for himself.

2. Amare Stoudemire PHX
Not guaranteed to have C status in all leagues. Still, if he is, Amare will need to put up big numbers for the Suns to remain competitive.

3. Tim Duncan SA
In most leagues, Duncan has C status. Reputation alone gets Duncan this high. Plus, it continues to be the case that the Spurs need Duncan in order to be successful.

4. Yao Ming HOU
Has averaged just 54 games played the last 3 seasons. So, its a bit of gamble health-wise, not to mention statistically he has yet to really prove upside.

5. Al Jefferson MIN
Big Al will only be helped if the surrounding cast in Minnesota gets better. It would simply free him up a bit to improve.

6. Elton Brand PHI
May have C status in your league even though he won’t be playing C in his new home in Philly. Should be a statistical hit in the East.

7. Pau Gasol LAL
One of the games best all-around players, earning his fantasy cred under the radar.

8. Marcus Camby LAC
We are all starting to forget his injury prone past. Heading to a new home in L.A., what does it mean? A little less fantasy production.

9. Carlos Boozer UTA
Not a C in all leagues but sure can grab boards with any of them.

10. Emeka Okafor CHA
It’s getting a little more crowded every season in Charlotte. Okafor will need to step up his game to stand out.

11. Andrew Bogut MIL
Bogut could really shine this year. This is one of the first true arrival seasons for Bogut– ie. the type of season that, if lived up to expectations, could land him in the top 5 C’s heading into next year.

12. Tyson Chandler NO
Just needs to fill into his role in New Orleans a little more. Just work the niche, Tyson.

13. Abdris Biedrins GSW
The Warriors seem to have made a bet on Biedrins future, both with a new contract and by getting rid of O’Brien.

14. Chris Kaman LAC
Ok, Brand is gone. But Camby is moving in. What does it mean? Kaman, if healthy, should put up offensive numbers like last year, with a bit less rebounds and blocks.

15. Chris Bosh TOR
Centre status in most leagues. Bosh is a bit of a wild card– big upside but doesn’t seem yet willing to really step into all of it.

16. Al Horford ATL
Big upside potential.


Brendan Haywood WAS
This clears up some late round picks. Haywood has perpetually been the kind of C you didn’t want to draft yet didn’t want to miss for his upside. Well, he’s out for the season so no need to worry.


Samuel Dalembert PHI
Brand arrives which, perhaps, could make Dalembert better by defining his role to his strengths– rebounding and blocks.

Andrew Bynum: Bynum was the man for the first half of the season. Now back from injury, but with Gasol stealing the spotlight. So, questions?

Greg Oden: What will he be this year? If you gain a clue it could be a big breakthrough for your fantasy team.

Nene Hilario: Will this be the year that everyone knows his name? Whatever that is.

Jermaine O’Neal: Change of scenery could be a positive.

Rasheed Wallace: Someone still needs to rebound and be the paint presence in Detroit.

Shaquille O’Neal: Past history alone makes him a worthy mention here.

Mehmet Okur: Dude can put together a darn good all-around game from time to time.

Brook Lopez: NJ investing in him.

Darko Milicic: In a situation where he can deliver some fantasy stats.

Marc Gasol: Is the brother the reason Memphis was willing to give Pau away for pennies.

Keep an Eye out

Zach Randolph: This guy might get centre status.


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