Fantasy Football Tips- A quick guide to playing fantasy football.

1) Know your league settings. This is the easiest way to get ahead. Run the statistics for your league and compare positions. If a league is skewed to favour Quarterbacks you need to know that and adjust your picks accordingly.

2) Be prepared for the draft. Depending on the number of teams in your league and which positions are skewed is important. Be sure to pick big name superstar caliber players with early picks- don’t try to impressive people with your guess of someone who is going to be hot. If there is a big drop-off in a position after a certain number, make sure to pick a player or 2 before the drop-off and come back to other positions later that are more “stacked”. Nothing is more important than getting the draft right (the extra time you spend before the draft can save you a whole season of headaches). Stay focused and scan for opportunities. A good pick late in the draft can go a long way. Compare different rankings around the web. Have a cheatsheet ready. Cross off names as they are picked.

3) Keep in mind the NFL Bye Week schedules. You don’t want your back-up Running Back to be off the same weekend as your starter.

4) If and when possible stick to the numbers. Don’t get emotional. Pick by the numbers as much as possible.

5) The moments right after the draft are often just as important. Check to see what free agents are available. Check and make sure you have all the positions filled and suitable back-ups. Check your strengths and weaknesses. Someone else in the league may have a strength that is your weakness. See if you can trade.

6) Stay on top of things throughout the season. If you really want to win there are always critically important free agents that rise to the top from out of nowhere. Always keep your eyes open for them.

7) Don’t be afraid to trade. Trade players while they are hot and go for the players you have a feeling about, because the tide will continue to change throughout the season.

8) Check out the web. Start here at: FF Toolbox and at FF Todayhere.

9) If you really want to get very serious then check out strength of schedule. Does Manning play a few games outdoors in cold weather this year? Might want to think twice. Does the RB you have in mind play a few games against tough defences? A great resource to do homework along these lines is here or by checking team schedules via ESPN here.

Finally, for another great write-up that includes several tips at the end for fantasy football draft strategy, check out this link from Matthew Berry, via ESPN: here.


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