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AFC Predictions for the 2009 NFL Season

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Projected Final Team Standings for the 2009-2010 NBA Season Preview by

NBA Centre. 2009-2010 NBA Standings Predictions: Eastern (last year) · Western (last year) 2009-10 Season Preview - Predicted Final Team Standings (last updated September 3, 2009) 2009-2010 UPDATE SOON Western Conference

FINAL 2017 NFL Team Power Rankings NFL Team Power Rankings Value: We print what the computer model generates. NFL Team Power RankingsFinal 2017, includes all week 17 games. Last updated: 1/4/2018 *Stats Column explanationsPts-O= The...
Olympic History

Modern Olympic Games: History Overview

Overview of all Modern Olympic Games (1896-present) 1896- Athens. The First Modern Olympics. Winners received an olive branch, a customary award in the ancient games, as well as a certificate and a silver medal....