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List of World Series Winners, and Opponents, and Series Games History

Below is a list of the World Series Champions from 1903 to present. List of past World Series winners, series breakdown of games won and lost, and their opponent.

AFC Predictions for the 2009 NFL Season

2008 Season PreviewNFL - American Football Conference (AFC) - Predictions for 2009 Season Final Team Standings Sports · NFL Stats AFC East · AFC North · AFC South · AFC West · NFC · Flashback: 2008 AFC · Back to: NFL Stats

Current 2004-2005 NBA Season Fantasy Player Rankings

FINAL: All NBA Players in 2004-2005 Season: Sorted By Fantasy Value per GameBased on Fantasy Value formula that tries to be an average of most leagues out there. Points=1, Rebounds=1.5, Assists=2, Turnovers=-2, Steals=3, Blocks=3Updated after 2004-05...

2010 NBA Fantasy Basketball “Draft Big” Board (last October 16, 2010)

Fantasy Value based on 1 pt per point scored, 1.5 per rebound, 2 per assist, -2 per turnover, and 3 for steals, 3 for blocks

Super Bowl XLV (45) Pick, Predictions, Stats, Data, and Analysis

SUPER BOWL 45 PREDICTIONS SUPER BOWL 45 PREDICTIONSSuper Bowl 45 will be Sunday February 6, 2011 in Dallas, TX. Kickoff game time listed as approximately 6:25PM ET with game coverage starting at 6PM on...

Top 20 Fantasy NBA Forwards NBA player rankings are based on fantasy value expectations for the upcoming 2008-2009 season. Rankings will be updated to reflect news and related pre-season developments. Last update: 10/20/08. Top NBA Forwards

Top Thoroughbred Horse Racing Tracks in North America

A ranked list of the biggest and best race tracks in North America.


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Olympic History

Modern Olympic Games: History Overview

Overview of all Modern Olympic Games (1896-present) 1896- Athens. The First Modern Olympics. Winners received an olive branch, a customary award in the ancient games, as well as a certificate and a silver medal....

Tiger Woods Career Golf Stats. Historical Statistics. Via Sports.

Tiger Woods Career Statistics: PGA Tour, Masters, Major Tournaments Back to: Golf CoverageBelow is all career statistics (including the 2014 season) for Tiger Woods, including his performance in all PGA Tour events, Majors Tournaments (Masters,...