Below is a list of the World Series Champions from 1903 to present. List of past World Series winners, series breakdown of games won and lost, and their opponent.

YearWorld Series ChampWonLostOpponent
2010San Francisco Giants41Texas Rangers
2009New York Yankees42Philadelphia Phillies
2008Philadelphia Phillies41Tampa Bay Rays
2007Boston Red Sox40Colorado Rockies
2006Saint Louis Cardinals41Detroit Tigers
2005Chicago White Sox40Houston Astros
2004Boston Red Sox40Saint Louis Cardinals
2003Florida Marlins42New York Yankees
2002Anaheim Angels43San Francisco Giants
2001Arizona Diamondbacks43New York Yankees
2000New York Yankees41New York Mets
1999New York Yankees40Atlanta Braves
1998New York Yankees40San Diego Padres
1997Florida Marlins43Cleveland Indians
1996New York Yankees42Atlanta Braves
1995Atlanta Braves42Cleveland Indians
1994**No World Seriesno wsno ws**Player’s Strike
1993Toronto Blue Jays42Philadelphia Phillies
1992Toronto Blue Jays42Atlanta Braves
1991Minnesota Twins43Atlanta Braves
1990Cincinnati Reds40Oakland Athletics
1989Oakland Athletics40San Francisco Giants
1988Los Angeles Dodgers41Oakland Athletics
1987Minnesota Twins43St. Louis Cardinals
1986New York Mets43Boston Red Sox
1985Kansas City Royals43St. Louis Cardinals
1984Detroit Tigers41San Diego Padres
1983Baltimore Orioles41Philadelphia Phillies
1982St. Louis Cardinals43Milwaukee Brewers
1981Los Angeles Dodgers42New York Yankees
1980Philadelphia Phillies42Kansas City Royals
1979Pittsburgh Pirates43Baltimore Orioles
1978New York Yankees42Los Angeles Dodgers
1977New York Yankees42Los Angeles Dodgers
1976Cincinnati Reds40New York Yankees
1975Cincinnati Reds43Boston Red Sox
1974Oakland Athletics41Los Angeles Dodgers
1973Oakland Athletics43New York Mets
1972Oakland Athletics43Cincinnati Reds
1971Pittsburgh Pirates43Baltimore Orioles
1970Baltimore Orioles41Cincinnati Reds
1969New York Mets41Baltimore Orioles
1968Detroit Tigers43St. Louis Cardinals
1967St. Louis Cardinals43Boston Red Sox
1966Baltimore Orioles40Los Angeles Dodgers
1965Los Angeles Dodgers43Minnesota Twins
1964St. Louis Cardinals43New York Yankees
1963Los Angeles Dodgers40New York Yankees
1962New York Yankees43San Francisco Giants
1961New York Yankees41Cincinnati Reds
1960Pittsburgh Pirates43New York Yankees
1959Los Angeles Dodgers42Chicago White Sox
1958New York Yankees43Milwaukee Braves^^
1957Milwaukee Braves^^43New York Yankees
1956New York Yankees43Brooklyn Dodgers^*
1955Brooklyn Dodgers^*43New York Yankees
1954New York Giants**40Cleveland Indians
1953New York Yankees42Brooklyn Dodgers^*
1952New York Yankees43Brooklyn Dodgers^*
1951New York Yankees42New York Giants**
1950New York Yankees40Philadelphia Phillies
1949New York Yankees41Brooklyn Dodgers^*
1948Cleveland Indians42Boston Braves^^
1947New York Yankees43Brooklyn Dodgers^*
1946St. Louis Cardinals43Boston Red Sox
1945Detroit Tigers43Chicago Cubs
1944St. Louis Cardinals42St. Louis Browns***
1943New York Yankees41St. Louis Cardinals
1942St. Louis Cardinals41New York Yankees
1941New York Yankees41Brooklyn Dodgers^*
1940Cincinnati Reds43Detroit Tigers
1939New York Yankees40Cincinnati Reds
1938New York Yankees40Chicago Cubs
1937New York Yankees41New York Giants**
1936New York Yankees42New York Giants**
1935Detroit Tigers42Chicago Cubs
1934St. Louis Cardinals43Detroit Tigers
1933New York Giants**41Washington Nationals*^
1932New York Yankees40Chicago Cubs
1931St. Louis Cardinals43Philadelphia Athletics*
1930Philadelphia Athletics*42St. Louis Cardinals
1929Philadelphia Athletics*41Chicago Cubs
1928New York Yankees40St. Louis Cardinals
1927New York Yankees40Pittsburgh Pirates
1926St. Louis Cardinals43New York Yankees
1925Pittsburgh Pirates43Washington Nationals*^
1924Washington Nationals*^43New York Giants**
1923New York Yankees42New York Giants**
1922New York Giants**40New York Yankees
1921New York Giants**53New York Yankees
1920Cleveland Indians52Brooklyn Robins^*
1919Cincinnati Reds53Chicago White Sox
1918Boston Red Sox42Chicago Cubs
1917Chicago White Sox42New York Giants**
1916Boston Red Sox41Brooklyn Robins^*
1915Boston Red Sox41Philadelphia Phillies
1914Boston Braves^^40Philadelphia Athletics*
1913Philadelphia Athletics*41New York Giants**
1912Boston Red Sox43New York Giants**
1911Philadelphia Athletics*42New York Giants**
1910Philadelphia Athletics*41Chicago Cubs
1909Pittsburgh Pirates43Detroit Tigers
1908Chicago Cubs41Detroit Tigers
1907Chicago Cubs40Detroit Tigers
1906Chicago White Sox42Chicago Cubs
1905New York Giants**41Philadelphia Athletics*
1904**note: John McGraw…no wsno ws**refused to play AL
1903Boston Pilgrims^53Pittsburgh Pirates

^ Note: The Boston Red Sox were called the Boston Pilgrims in 1903
* Note: Moved to Kansas City in 1955, then moved to Oakland in 1968.
** Note: Moved to San Francisco in 1958
^^ Note: Now known as the Atlanta Braves
^* Note: Now known as the Los Angeles Dodgers
*^ Note: Now known as the Minnesota Twins
*** Note: The Baltimore Orioles were the Saint Louis Browns from 1902-1953.


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