We have compiled this complete all-time list of every NCAA Tournament champion since 1939.
The list also includes the NCAA Champions opponent and the two other teams that made it to the final four for every season. The seed is shown in parentheses.
Facts, details and explanations below. Jump to: NCAA Tournament History. E-mail any questions.

YearChampionOpponentFinal 4Final 4Location
2018----San Antonio
2017UNC (1)Gonzaga (1)Oregon (3)South Carolina (7)Arizona
2016Villanova (2)UNC (1)Oklahoma (2)Syracuse (10)Houston
2015Duke (1)Wisconsin (1)Michigan State (7)Kentucky (1)Indianapolis
2014UConn (7)Kentucky (8)Florida (1)Wisconsin (2)North Texas
2013Louisville (1)Michigan (4)Wichita State (9)Syracuse (4)Atlanta
2012Kentucky (1)Kansas (2)Louisville (4)Ohio State (2)New Orleans
2011UConn (3)Butler (8)Kentucky (4)VCU (11)Houston
2010Duke (1)Butler (5)West Virginia (2)Michigan State (5)Indianapolis
2009North Carolina (1)Michigan State (2)Villanova (3)Connecticut (1)Detroit
2008Kansas (1)Memphis (1)North Carolina (1)UCLA (1)San Antonio
2007Florida (1)Ohio State (1)UCLA (2)Georgetown (2)Atlanta
2006Florida (3)UCLA (2)George Mason (11)LSU (4)Indianapolis
2005N. Carolina (1)Illinois (1)Michigan St. (5)Louisville (4)St. Louis
2004UConn (2)Ga. Tech (3)Duke (1)Okla. St. (2)San Antonio
2003Syracuse (3)Kansas (2)Texas (1)Marquette (3)New Orleans
2002Maryland (1)Indiana (5)Kansas (1)Oklahoma (2)Atlanta
2001Duke (1)Arizona (2)Maryland (3)Michigan St. (1)Minneapolis
2000Michigan St. (1)Florida (5)Wisconsin (8)North Carolina (8)Indianapolis
1999Connecticut (1)Duke (1)Ohio St. (4)Michigan St. (1)St. Petersburg
1998Kentucky (2)Utah (3)Stanford (3)North Carolina (1)San Antonio
1997Arizona (4)Kentucky (1)North Carolina (1)Minnesota (1)Indianapolis
1996Kentucky (1)Syracuse (4)Umass (1)Miss. St. (5)E. Rutherford
1995UCLA (1)Arkansas (2)Oklahoma St (4)North Carolina (2)Seattle
1994Arkansas (1)Duke (2)Arizona (2)Florida (3)Charlotte
1993North Carolina (1)Michigan (1)Kansas (2)Kentucky (1)New Orleans
1992Duke (1)Michigan (6)Indiana (2)Cincinnati (4)Minneapolis
1991Duke (1)Kansas (3)UNLV (1)North Carolina (2)Indianapolis
1990UNLV (1)Duke (3)Georgia Tech (4)Arkansas (4)Denver
1989Michigan (3)Seton Hall (3)Illinois (1)Duke (2)Seattle
1988Kansas (6)Oklahoma (1)Duke (2)Arizona (1)Kansas City
1987Indiana (1)Syracuse (2)UNLV (1)Providence (6)New Orleans
1986Louisville (2)Duke (1)LSU (11)Kansas (1)Dallas
1985Villanova (8)Georgetown (1)Memphis State (2)St. John's (1)Lexington
1984Georgetown (1)Houston (2)Kentucky (1)Virginia (7)Seattle
1983N.C. State (6)Houston (1)Louisville (1)Georgia (4)Albuquerque
1982North Carolina (1)Georgetown (1)Houston (6)Louisville (3)New Orleans
1981Indiana (3)North Carolina (2)Virginia (1)LSU (1)Philadelphia
1980Louisville (2)UCLA (8)Purdue (6)Iowa (5)Indianapolis
1979Michigan St. (2)Indiana St. (1)DePaul (2)Pennsylvania (9)Salt Lake City
1978KentuckyDukeArkansasNotre DameSaint Louis
1977MarquetteNorth CarolinaUNLVUNC-CharlotteAtlanta
1975UCLAKentuckyLouisvilleSyracuseSan Diego
1974N.C. StateMarquetteUCLAKansasGreensboro
1973UCLAMemphis StateIndianaProvidenceSaint Louis
1972UCLAFlorida StateNorth CarolinaLouisvilleLos Angeles
1971UCLAVillanovaWestern KentuckyKansasHouston
1970UCLAJacksonvilleNew Mexico StateSaint BonaventureCollege Park
1969UCLAPurdueDrakeNorth CarolinaLouisville
1968UCLANorth CarolinaOhio StateHoustonLos Angeles
1967UCLADaytonHoustonNorth CarolinaLouisville
1966Texas WesternKentuckyDukeUtahCollege Park
1965UCLAMichiganPrincetonWitchita StatePortland
1964UCLADukeMichiganKansas StateKansas City
1963Loyola (IL)CincinnatiDukeOregon StateLouisville
1962CincinnatiOhio StateWake ForestUCLALouisville
1961CincinnatiOhio StateSt. Joseph's (PA)UtahKansas City
1960Ohio StateCaliforniaCincinnatiNYUSan Francisco
1959CaliforniaWest VirginiaCincinnatiLouisvilleLouisville
1958KentuckySeattleTempleKansas StateLouisville
1957North CarolinaKansasSan FranciscoMichigan St.Kansas City
1956San FranciscoIowaTempleSMUEvanston
1955San FranciscoLaSalleColoradoIowaKansas City
1954LaSalleBradleyPenn StateUSCKansas City
1953IndianaKansasWashingtonLSUKansas City
1952KansasSt. John'sIllinoisSanta ClaraSeattle
1951KentuckyKansas StateIllinoisOklahoma StateMinneapolis
1950CCNYBradleyN.C. StateBaylorNew York
1949KentuckyOklahoma StateIllinoisOregon StateSeattle
1948KentuckyBaylorHoly CrossKansas StateNew York
1947Holy CrossOklahomaTexasCCNYNew York
1946Oklahoma StateNorth CarolinaOhio StateCaliforniaNew York
1945Oklahoma StateNYUArkansasOhio StateNew York
1944UtahDartmouthIowa StateOhio StateNew York
1943WyomingGeorgetownDePaulTexasNew York
1942StanfordDartmouthColoradoKentuckyKansas City
1941WisconsinWashington StateArkansasPittsburghKansas City
1940IndianaKansasDuquesneUSCKansas City
1939OregonOhio StateOklahoma StVillanovaEvanston

NCAA Tournament History

Seeding of teams for the NCAA tournament began in 1979 (the seeds of the Final Four teams are listed in paranthesis).

National Champions
Lowest Seeded NCAA champions of All-Time:
· Villanova (1985)
#8 beat Georgetown
· Connecticut (2014)
#7 beat Kentucky
· N.C. State (1983)
#6 seed beat Houston
· Kansas (1988)
#6 beat Oklahoma

Lowest seeded Final Four appearances:
· Since 1985, when the tournament expanded to 64-teams, the lowest seeds to ever make it to the Final Four are Virginia Commonwealth (VCU) (#11 seed in 2011), George Mason (#11 seed in 2006) and LSU (#11 seed in 1986). LSU lost to #2 seed Louisville who was the eventual NCAA champ that year (led by centre “Never Nervous” Pervis Ellison).

#1 Seeds:
· In 2006: For the first time since 1980, not one of the #1 seeds has advanced to the Final Four. #2 Seed Louisville beat #8 UCLA in the 1980 championship game. This happened again in 2011.


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