RankPlayerPosTeamPts/gReb/gAst/gStl/gFPts/gG"Draft Big" Fanbay quick snap
1LeBron JamesSFMIA29. dropping back, LeBron may stay #1
2Dwight HowardCORL18.313.21.80.946.282Rotisserie leagues different (this is points based)
3Kevin DurantSFOKC30. scorer in the NBA. Could be best fantasy?
4Chris PaulPGNO18. to get a full season out of him
5Kobe BryantSGLAL275.451.644.473In 15th year will Kobe stay content chasing rings
6Dwyane WadeSGMIA26. getting hurt and its only preseason!
7Amare StoudemireFCNYK23.18.910.638.182Probably C eligible. Anyway production up in NYC
8Dirk NowitzkiPFDAL257.72.70.944.181
9Pau GasolFCLAL18.311.33.40.644.665Bynum out so Pau likely C eligible, boosting value
10Carmelo AnthonySFDEN28. rumors swirl. Looks dominant in preseason.
11Deron WilliamsPGUTA18.7410.51.343.676
12Josh SmithSFATL15.
13Rajon RondoPGBOS13. to be known as best PG in the NBA
14Danny GrangerSFIND24.
15Tim DuncanPFSA17.910.13.20.642.278
16Steve NashPGPHX16.53.3110.538.481Should still have it in him. Suns need him.
17Brook LopezCNJ18. is a walking fantasy stat machine already
18Brandon RoySGPOR21.
19Derrick RosePGCHI20.83.860.736.278Great future
20Al JeffersonFCUTA17. be relied on in Utah.
21Joakim NoahFCCHI10.7112.10.534.164Could start off big with Boozer out.
22Russell WestbrookPGOKC16.14.981.33882
23Joe JohnsonSGATL21. be really solid with Bibby slipping.
24Stephen CurryPGGS17. to do for an encore after last season?
25Chris BoshPFMIA2410.82.40.64570Should actually hold most of his value
26Tyreke EvansPGSAC20.
27David LeePFGS20.311. change of scenery, anything could happen
28Jason KiddPGDAL10. much talent around, Kidd's fantasy value solid
29Andre IguodalaSGPHI17. signs that Iggy will slip back a bit this year.
30Zach RandolphPFMEM20.811.71.8141.881Surprised everyone last year. But still a risky pick
31Marc GasolCMEM14.69.32.4137.269
32Al HorfordFCATL14. eligible
33LaMarcus AldridgePFPOR17.982.10.93678Yet to truly deliver on hype
34Nene HilarioFCDEN13.
35Gerald WallaceSFCHA18.2102.11.540.676Played over 40 min/g last season
36Andrew BogutCMIL15.910.21.80.640.369Nagging inj but cant ignore. Draft w your eyes shut
37David WestPFNO197.530.936.981
38Blake GriffinPFLACn/an/an/an/arookien/aLast yrs #1 pick ready for rookie debut
39Kevin LoveFCMIN14112.30.734.460The Twolves list Love as FC but Milicic is the true C
40Marcus CambyFCPOR7.511.82.51.337.774Solid to start w Oden/Pryzbilla hurt; then slips back
41Andrea BargnaniFCTOR17. eligible + a focus of TOR offense this year
42Stephen JacksonSGCHA20.653.71.635.481
43Hedo TurkogluSFPHX11. to play with Nash
44Robin LopezFCPHX8.
45Chris KamanCLAC18.
46Brandon JenningsPGMIL15. of brilliance last year
47Monta EllisGGS25.545.32.242.364
48Devin HarrisPGNJ16.
49Baron DavisPGLAC15.33.681.73875Always a risk.
50John WallPGWAS0000rookie0#1 pick & summer league king, tops in pts & ast
51Chauncey BillupsPGDEN19.
52Anderson VarejaoFCCLE8. a C this year
53Gilbert ArenasPGWAS22. head case but does still have Top 20 potential
54Lamar OdomSFLAL10.
55Rudy GaySFMEM19.
56Darren CollisonPGIND12.52.55.7125.676Should be solid on move to IND. Price backup.
57Carlos BoozerPFCHI19.511. hand, out til December
58Andray BlatchePFWAS14.
59J.J. HicksonPFCLE8., opportunity to showcase his skills
60Luis ScolaPFHOU16.
61Paul PierceFBOS18.
62Mo WilliamsPGCLE15.835.3129.869
63Jrue HolidayGPHI82. get the minutes to be rated even higher
64Antawn JamisonPFCLE18. pick even though odds are he will not start
65Troy MurphyPFNJ14.610.22.1135.872Be careful about injury situation
66Al HarringtonPFDEN17. sleeper pick.
67Aaron BrooksPGHOU19. be solid.
68Andris BiedrinsCGS57.91.70.62433
69Yao MingCHOU000000
70Eric GordonSGLAC16.92.631.126.162On the map after Team USA and a solid SG now.
71Danilo GallinariSFNYK15. says could be better than Nowitzki
72Kevin MartinSGHOU20.63.62.4130.146
73Jason RichardsonSGPHX15. Nash there is big upside here.
74Vince CarterSGORL16.
75Rashard LewisSFORL14.
76Tony ParkerPGSA162.45.70.527.456
77Mike ConleyPGMEM122.45.31.426.880
78Luol DengSFCHI17.67.320.934.270
79Boris DiawSFCHA11.35.240.726.982Multi-category fantasy threat even if role uncertain
80O.J. MayoSGMEM17.53.831.22982
81Paul MillsapFUTA11. upside seems capped in Utah
82Emeka OkaforCNO10.
83Drew GoodenPFMIL10. him as a handcuff to Bogut
84Michael BeasleySFMIN14.86.41.3128.478Just depends on how MIN uses him. Has upside
85Elton BrandPFPHI13.
86DeMar DeRozanSGTOR8.
87Raymond FeltonPGNYK12. have given him the keys to the car
88Roy HibbertCIND11.75.720.426.781Minutes (and thus FV) per game going up this yr
89Tyrus ThomasPFCHA9.
90Caron ButlerSFDAL16. in Dallas for this kind of talent.
91Rodney StuckeyPGDET16. is upside here.
92Jameer NelsonPGORL12.635.40.725.865Usually solid.
93D.J. AugustinPGCHA6. not comfortable, but sticking w him anyway?
94Shawn MarionSFDAL126.41.40.926.975
95Kevin GarnettPFBOS14.47.32.7133.269Perkins out to start season
96Jack/CalderonPGTORposition battleThere is good value here depending on who starts
97Manu GinobiliSGSA16.
98Andrei KirilenkoSFUTA11.
99Jeff GreenSFOKC15.161.61.330.582
100Ron ArtestSFLAL114.331.425.477
101Trevor ArizaSFNO14.
102Linas KleizaFTOR000000
103Tayshaun PrinceSFDET13.
104Jamal CrawfordPGATL182.530.827.479
105Richard JeffersonSFSA12.34.420.623.681
106George HillPGSA12. or Hill
107Ray AllenSGBOS16.
108McRoberts/HansbroughPFINDposition battleChance for upside but Hansbrough keeps in check
109Anthony RandolphSFNYK11. upside in this pick.
110Greg OdenCPOR11. is solid when healthy. But out indefinitely.
111Richard HamiltonSGDET18.
112Corey MaggetteSFMIL19.
113Yi JianlianSFWAS127.20.90.726.752Role unclear in WAS, but Saunders seems to like.
114Udonis HaslemPFMIA9.
115Brendan HaywoodCDAL9. could do all right. Chandler is back-up.
116Marvin WilliamsSFATL10.
117Charlie VillanuevaSFDET11.
118DeMarcus CousinsCSAC0000rookie0
119Blair / SplitterFCSAposition battleRookie Splitter could win spot when healthy
120Arron AfflaloSGDEN8.
121Beno UdrihPGSAC132.
122Ramon SessionsPGCLE8. Sessions or Williams will be a solid value
123Andrew BynumCLAL158.31.10.532.165Out til December
124Javale McGeeFCWAS6. enough to get to Team USA this summer
125Morrow/T.WilliamsSGNJposition battle
Derrick FavorsFCNJ0000rookie0
Wesley JohnsonGFMIN0000rookie0
Evan TurnerSGPHI0000rookie0Called the best talent in the draft, has to prove
Kenyon MartinPFDEN11. you want to own this cry baby? Nursing knee.
Andre MillerPGPOR143.25.41.12982Slipping, perhaps rapidly. Need to watch.
Mehmet OkurCUTA13., out til December
Jermaine O'NealCBOS13.
Jason TerryPGDAL16.
John SalmonsSGMIL15.
Mike MillerGFMIA10. be a decent year but no upside
J.R. SmithSGDEN15.
Shaquille O'NealCBOS126.71.50.325.653
Channing FryePFPHX11. Stoudemire is gone
Grant HillSFPHX11.
Thaddeus YoungSFPHI13.
Taj GibsonFCHI97.50.90.62582
Spencer HawesCPHI106.12.20.424.872Role in PHI not clear. Anyways, injured to start year.
Corey BrewerSGMIN133.42.41.424.382
Shane BattierSFHOU84.72.50.823.867There could be some value here.
Raja BellSGUTA11. is there.
Ersan IlyasovaFMIL10.46.410.723.281Crowded in Milwaukee
Jonny FlynnPGMIN13.52.44.4123.181Injured hip, should return shortly into the season.
Kyle LowryPGHOU9.
Josh HowardGFWAS12. til late November.
Luke RidnourPGMIN10.41.740.720.882Also watch Sebastian Telfair and Flynn recovery
Brad MillerCHOU8. to pile up fantasy pts even w short minutes
Darko MilicicCMIN6.
Omri CasspiGFSAC10.
Tracy McGradyGFDET8.
Nenad KrsticCOKC8.450.70.418.776Serge Ibaka is turning into the better option to own
Nazr MohammedCCHA7.
Martell WebsterGFMIN9.
Mario ChalmersPGMIA7. to earn job in Miami, FV/g limited anyway
Travis OutlawSFNJ9.13.610.517.734
Marreese SpeightsFCPHI8. be helped early by Hawes injury.
Rudy FernandezSGPOR8.12.72.1117.662
Ty LawsonPGDEN8.
Anthony ParkerSGCLE7.
Wesley MatthewsFPOR9.
J.J. RedickSGORL9.
Jamario MoonSFCLE4.
Brandon BassPFORL5.
Austin DayeFDET5.
Reggie EvansFTOR3.
Joey GrahamFCLE4.

Fantasy Value based on 1 pt per point scored, 1.5 per rebound, 2 per assist, -2 per turnover, and 3 for steals, 3 for blocks


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