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List of World Series Winners, and Opponents, and Series Games History

Below is a list of the World Series Champions from 1903 to present. List of past World Series winners, series breakdown of games won and lost, and their opponent.

Total Ranking Poll for Men’s NCAA College Basketball

Our ranking uses the combination average of the best 3 computer rankings in the country. The RPI ranking, Sagarin ranking, and Pomeroy college basketball rankings are used. Plus, the RPI Strength of Schedule (SOS) is considered. Column...

Top Thoroughbred Horse Racing Tracks in North America

A ranked list of the biggest and best race tracks in North America.

Historical Winners of the Triple Crown Races

List of Winners of each of the Triple Crown Races Kentucky Derby Winners, Preakness winners, and Belmont Stakes winners. ยท Horses that have won 2...

List of NCAA Tournament Championship Winners and Final Four Teams History

We have compiled this complete all-time list of every NCAA Tournament champion since 1939.The list also includes the NCAA Champions opponent and the two other teams that made it to the final four for every season. The...

Picks and Predictions for the NCAA Tourney Bracket Game by Game

ADVANCE PICKS. PICKS OF ALL TOURNEY GAMES IN ADVANCE.ADVANCE NCAA Tournament Game-by-Game Predictions through the Final Four and NCAA Championship. Last update: 3/14/16. Column explanations below. Thank you for visiting Sports. Return to...

NFL Game 2017 Predictions

FANBAY.NET SPORTS NFL Game Predictions. Week 15 December 14-18, 2017: Scoreboard