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FANBAY.NET SPORTS NFL Game Predictions. Week 4 September 29-October , 2017: Scoreboard
Comparisons: Yahoo! · Covers · VI · Shark · FiveThirtyEight · Locks. 2
Closest Projected Game: Cowboys at Cardinals
Best Chance (win by most points): New England
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 Best  Date  Time (ET)  Fanbay   F.Line   Game  Vegas  V.Line  FbO/U  Comments 
soonThur 9/298:25soonsoonLAR at  SFsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/1930amsoonsoonBAL at  JACsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonCLE at  INDsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonNYG at  PHIsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonMIA at  NYJsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonDEN at  BUFsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonNO at  CARsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonPIT at  CHIsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonATL at  DETsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/11pmsoonsoonTB at  MINsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/14:05soonsoonHOU at  NEsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/14:05soonsoonSEA at  TENsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/14:05soonsoonCIN at  GBsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/14:25soonsoonKC at  LACsoonsoonsoon-
soonSun 10/18:30soonsoonOAK at  WASsoonsoonsoon-
soonMon 10/28:30soonsoonDAL at  ARIsoonsoonsoon-

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Projected Results. NFL Predictions based on computer analysis of offensive and defensive points and yards per game and other statistics and factors. Picks include recent team statistics. Best= ranks best chances to win.
These are the type of computer calculations Vegas doesn't make public. Plus our model factors in slightly different factors which give differences with the Las Vegas predictions that can help you confirm and/or make your own decisions.
Best = Ranks the computer spreads from high-to-low. A '1' means the Fanbay computer pick for that game has the best chance of winning relative to every other game that week.
Fanbay = Computer Pick. The team the computer predicts to win the game.
F.Line = computer forecast for how many points our pick will win the game by.
Vegas = Team that Vegas picks to win.
V.Line = Vegas spread for the game (points the pick will win by).
O/U = Computer Prediction for Over/Under. Prediction for the total amount of points scored by both teams.
REFRESH. Thank you for visiting. 2017 season predictions. Proven track record of results and trusted since 2003. Game-by-game picks for your office survivor and loser pools, and NFL game Vegas betting. Get the winning edge with confidence using a trusted source for objective, statistic model pick em forecasts. Outside the mainstream, fresh, sharp, different numbers only here. NFL game predictions are based on a unique computer model with algorithms designed to uncover objective lines based on game statistics.

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