Super Bowl XLIII (43) Pick, Predictions, Stats, Data, and Analysis


Super Bowl 43 will be Sunday February 1, 2009 in Tampa, FL. Game time listed as 6 PM ET on NBC. Predictions posted here as of 1/28/09. Sports - First: Here is what our computer pick says.

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Super Bowl XLIII (43)
n/aFeb 16pmPIT-1.45ARI at PITn/an/a44.9PIT better on paper, no surprise.

Vegas has the Steelers (14-4) by 7 solid points over the Cardinals (12-7! that's not a typo). Statistically, our computer picks the Pittsburgh Steelers by 1.45 points. Vegas O/U is about 46.5 points. Our computer is a bit lower at 44.9.

Now for some deeper Analysis (since its the Super Bowl)

Here's where Vegas is at. And here's the match-up and CBS Sports and

At the bottom of the page are a ton of extra stats. And here are past results from all previous Super Bowl's.

Analysis: First off, how did a team that finished the season losing 4 of their last 6 games end up in the Super Bowl. That's the Cardinals! All right, getting into the data, the Cardinals have lived and died by the first half this season. Arizona either gets it really right in the first half or really wrong. As for Pittsburgh, more often than not they get their job down in the 2nd half.

Another interesting thing is that these 2 teams have operated, strangely, on the same vibe most of the season. For example, both suffered their worst loss of the year in Week 16; and their 2nd half points scored charts are close to mirror images.

The computer says Pittsburgh by 1.45 points with total points scored by both teams at 44.9 points. It's no surprise that the computer says PIT is the better team on paper.

As for the annual "eyeball" analysis of the charts.

First Half: The first half has the better chance to be high-scoring. And if the season is any indication it will be either really good or really bad for Zona. We will call it 17-14 Arizona.

2nd Half: It seems Arizona is going to have a tough time scoring more than Pittsburgh in the 2nd half. We say Pittsburgh by 5 points or so. Call it 7-3 Steelers.

Overall: Arizona's offense has been fairly consistent in putting about 30 points on the board week-in and week-out. That said, the Steelers D is usually tough. Still, it would be news if Arizona doesn't score over 20 points. The Steelers look solid for the low 20's. On that note, it's possible the Cardinals deliver a strong first half knock out and ride to a 5-point (or so) victory. That said, the bottom line (eyeball analysis) says Pittsburgh wins by a point, 21-20. That's a total points scored of 41.

Charts -- use Internet Explorer

Season Game-by-game Total Points Scored for teams in Super Bowl 43: Cardinals vs. Steelers.

Season Game-by-game Point Differentials for Super Bowl 43: Steelers vs. Cardinals.

Season Game-by-game First Half Points Scored for Super Bowl 43: Cardinals vs. Steelers.

Season Game-by-game Second Half Points Scored for Super Bowl 43: Cardinals vs. Steelers.

Season Game-by-game First Half Differentials for Super Bowl 43: Cardinals vs. Steelers.

Season Game-by-game Second Half Differentials for Super Bowl 43: Cardinals vs. Steelers.

    Points Scored   Opp. Points   Points Diff   1st Half Pts   1st Half Opp  1st Half Diff  2nd Half Pts  2nd Half Opp  2nd Half Opp 

Team Schedules - Data Tables:
Arizona Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers

*Note: Steelers won Week 4 game in OT with a field goal. Cardinals won Week 6 game in OT with a touchdown (both not included in 2nd half differential data).

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