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Top 15 NBA Players Overall

1. LeBron James (stats) CLE
2007-08 FV: 58.2
2006-07 FV: 49.9
2005-06 FV: 57.2
2004-05 FV: 54.8
2003-04 FV: 39.5
2002-03 FV:
LeBron James is the best fantasy player in the NBA until proven otherwise.

2. Chris Paul (stats) NO
2007-08 FV: 53.5
2006-07 FV: 42.4
2005-06 FV: 41.2
2004-05 FV: n/a
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
CP3 has turned into a true multi-category fantasy star (even managing a triple-double against Jason Kidd in the playoffs).

3. Dwight Howard (stats) ORL
2007-08 FV: 47.3
2006-07 FV: 40.5
2005-06 FV: 38.8
2004-05 FV: 32.6
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
Dwight Howard emerged last season and hit on 20 points and 20 rebounds in the same game 11 times last year (including 3 times in the playoffs). Just needs to work on reducing turnovers.

4. Dirk Nowitzki (stats) DAL
2007-08 FV: 43.9
2006-07 FV: 45.1
2005-06 FV: 46.7
2004-05 FV: 50.4
2003-04 FV: 44.5
2002-03 FV: 47.4
Dirk might be worth a bet on a bounce, cause the Mavs are going to need Nowitzki to deliver big numbers to make the playoffs this year in the West.

5. Kobe Bryant (stats) LAL
2007-08 FV: 49.2
2006-07 FV: 50.1
2005-06 FV: 54.8
2004-05 FV: 46.6
2003-04 FV: 43.5
2002-03 FV: 52.8
Year-after-year Kobe is one of the most stable fantasy options. This year, keep in mind, he will be playing with the ligament damage in his right hand pinky-- since he is delaying surgery (which would have taken 12 weeks to recover from) until next summer. In Kobe's words here.

6. Dwyane Wade (stats) MIA
2007-08 FV: 43.3
2006-07 FV: 51.0
2005-06 FV: 50.4
2004-05 FV: 45.2
2003-04 FV: 31.1
2002-03 FV:
How will Flash recover from last season's injury? If fine, stats should be back in the stratosphere cause the Heat need his production.

7. Carmelo Anthony (stats) DEN
2007-08 FV: 42.3
2006-07 FV: 42.8
2005-06 FV: 38.7
2004-05 FV: 32.5
2003-04 FV: 34.9
2002-03 FV: n/a
Is Carmelo ready to put his entire game into action. He can be pretty good with assists some nights, awesome with rebounds on others, and a pretty consistent scorer. Can he put it all together, consistently?

8. Elton Brand (stats) PHI
2007-08 FV: 36.1 (8 games)
2006-07 FV: 44.9
2005-06 FV: 51.0
2004-05 FV: 43.6
2003-04 FV: 45.9
2002-03 FV: 43.8
On the one hand, Brand may not be counted on as much in Philly as he was with the lowly Clippers. On the other hand, he's going to be playing against the East teams on a nightly basis now.

9. Baron Davis (stats) LAC
2007-08 FV: 47.0
2006-07 FV: 44.5
2005-06 FV: 42.5
2004-05 FV: 41.2
2003-04 FV: 46.4
2002-03 FV: 35.7
Last season was a career year for Baron. Now he will be playing in front of his home fans. Is a repeat in store?

10. Amare Stoudemire (stats) PHX
2007-08 FV: 46.0
2006-07 FV: 38.1
2005-06 FV: 21.4
2004-05 FV: 45.6
2003-04 FV: 38.9
2002-03 FV: 27.8
Has yet to really break out. Last year was a solid indication of the potential.

11. Yao Ming (stats) HOU
2007-08 FV: 43.6
2006-07 FV: 43.3
2005-06 FV: 42.0
2004-05 FV: 34.7
2003-04 FV: 35.6
2002-03 FV: 30.0
Buyer beware. Yao's so big that something usually breaks.

12. Chris Bosh (stats) TOR
2007-08 FV: 41.7
2006-07 FV: 44.2
2005-06 FV: 42.8
2004-05 FV: 36.3
2003-04 FV: 28.4
2002-03 FV: n/a
Yo Bosh, utilize that potential. Part of the issue is head coach Sam Mitchell and letting Bosh be Bosh.

13. Kevin Garnett (stats) BOS
2007-08 FV: 43.8
2006-07 FV: 53.1
2005-06 FV: 51.0
2004-05 FV: 57.2
2003-04 FV: 61.0
2002-03 FV: 55.8
His numbers were supposed to drop moving in with fellow superstuds Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in Boston. The dropoff though was more than might have been expected. We think this year KG's numbers will be just as good if not a little bit better.

14. Tim Duncan (stats) SAS
2007-08 FV: 45.3
2006-07 FV: 46.7
2005-06 FV: 45.6
2004-05 FV: 48.5
2003-04 FV: 52.7
2002-03 FV: 52.5
Duncan is probably going to burn out and not fade away. And let's keep in mind the dude is 'only' 32. He's KG's age. He's a year younger than Iverson and 2 years younger than Nash, and, heck, 3 years younger than Kidd.

15. Ron Artest (stats) HOU
2007-08 FV: 40.0
2006-07 FV: 39.3
2005-06 FV: 36.6
2004-05 FV: 43.4
2003-04 FV: 36.5
2002-03 FV: 32.9
If called upon, we believe Artest will be ready to deliver big numbers.

16. Josh Smith (stats) ATL
2007-08 FV: 43.2
2006-07 FV: 42.4
2005-06 FV: 32.2
2004-05 FV: 27.2
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
Turning into a fantasy machine for leagues emphasizing blocks, steals, and boards.

17. Al Jefferson (stats) MIN
2007-08 FV: 43.6
2006-07 FV: 37.7
2005-06 FV: 18.3
2004-05 FV: 15.4
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
There is plenty of room for Big Al to fill in Minnesota. He may not deliver too much more upside but you can feel pretty secure that Jefferson will deliver on fantasy value.

18. David West (stats) NO
2007-08 FV: 40.5
2006-07 FV: 35.6
2005-06 FV: 32.9
2004-05 FV: 14.6
2003-04 FV: 13.0
2002-03 FV: n/a
Time to see whether West is just a solid mid-tier player or capable of top-tier success. We are guessing he is more of a best of the rest kind of guy.

19. Andrew Bogut (stats) MIL
2007-08 FV: 37.4
2006-07 FV: 30.7
2005-06 FV: 25.7
2004-05 FV: n/a
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
Will Bogut fall on his face a little this year? Or, we kind of suspect there's room for him to really breakout. Call it in between. Solid, but curb any over enthusiasm.

20. Rudy Gay (stats) MEM
2007-08 FV: 35.6
2006-07 FV: 22.4
2005-06 FV: n/a
2004-05 FV: n/a
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
With Gasol out of the way it seems Memphis is turning the spotlight a little toward Gay carrying the Grizzlies brand into a new era. Will Rudy step up to the task this season?


INJ. Gilbert Arenas (stats) WAS
2007-08 FV: 33.4 (13 games)
2006-07 FV: 47.3
2005-06 FV: 46.6
2004-05 FV: 42.8
2003-04 FV: 34.6
2002-03 FV: 35.1
Last season Agent Zero played just 13 games, so the good news here is that he should be on the court a lot more than that this season. Out at least one month and possibly well into December.

INJ. Monta Ellis (stats) GS
2007-08 FV: 36.8
2006-07 FV: 29.7
2005-06 FV: 13.5
2004-05 FV: n/a
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
The Warriors organization has suspended (without pay) Ellis for 30 games (about the time he is expected to miss with his injury) which means December 17. Read up here.

Just Missed the Top 15:

*. Tracy McGrady (stats) HOU
2007-08 FV: 40.7
2006-07 FV: 45.0
2005-06 FV: 45.2
2004-05 FV: 47.7
2003-04 FV: 48.6
2002-03 FV: 53.6
McGrady is a ticking timebomb of injury risks. But that means maybe you can get some value in picking him up.

*. Pau Gasol (stats) LAL
2007-08 FV: 39.9
2006-07 FV: 44.7
2005-06 FV: 44.7
2004-05 FV: 35.8
2003-04 FV: 36.4
2002-03 FV: 37.4
It's crowded in L.A. so its tough to envision Gasol having a bigger year than last without an injury to Kobe, Odom, or Bynum.

*. Danny Granger (stats) IND
2007-08 FV: 35.3
2006-07 FV: 24.9
2005-06 FV: 19.8
2004-05 FV: n/a
2003-04 FV: n/a
2002-03 FV: n/a
Upside here since he is basically the face of the franchise.

High Risk / High Reward

Kevin Durant: Durant is not the next LeBron or Kobe but he's literally on a wide-open Oklahoma highway this season with nothing holding back his fantasy numbers.
Vince Carter: Sky is the limit with Kidd and Jefferson out of the picture. Keep in mind that Carter has never had a breakout fantasy season and at 31 maybe he could put it up.
Shawn Marion: There should be no doubt that a lot of Marion's success was due to playing in fast-paced PHX offense. So now in Miami it's a little bit of a risk jumping all over him. But at the right price is Marion a steal?
Emeka Okafor: The poster child for high risk / high reward this season.
Chris Kaman: Showed potential last year that will be hard to ignore on draft day.
Gerald Wallace: Can put up fantasy points in a hurry.


Steve Nash: Minutes are surely going down in the regular season, but this is Steve Nash and you have to expect he isn't comfortable sitting on his hands.
Carlos Boozer: Boozer will need to keep working for his fantasy points with Okur and Milsap around.
Paul Pierce: Pierce is a machine until proven otherwise: 40 fantasy points a game, every game-- until proven otherwise.
Deron Williams: Deron might be better off labeled as 'stable with upside'.
Kevin Martin: Just doesn't seem he will be a fantasy stud. Solid, with enough scoring to produce value for your team, but light on upside.

Jason Kidd: On the one hand Kidd is going to have wide open reign in Dallas this year. On the other hand, Chris Paul proved in the playoffs that a new era may have started, watching other people get triple doubles when guarded by Kidd.
Jermaine O'Neal: How is Jermaine O'Neal still only 29 years old?
Marcus Camby: It is hard to imagine Camby doing better than he did in Denver's fast moving offense. It's easy to pile up blocks and boards with everyone shooting around you.

Names to Keep in Mind
C.Butler, R.Allen, L.Deng, A.Iguodala, J.Calderon, J.Johnson, R.Lewis, Jo.Howard, T.Chandler, T.Parker, M.Ginobili, C.Maggette, N.Hilario, L.Aldridge, B.Roy, A.Bynum, M.Miller, M.Okur, A.Miller, H.Turkoglu, S.Jackson, M.Redd, MoWilliams, J.Crawford, T.Chandler, R.Felton, A.Biedrins, M.Bibby, M.Dunleavy, D.Harris, A.Horford, Ken.Martin, R.Rondo, Marv.Williams, C.Wilcox. player rankings are based on expectations for the 2008-2009 season as far as value taking into account injuries and team trends. Rankings will be continually updated. FV= 1 point per point scored, 1.5 per rebound, 2 per assist, 3 per steal and block, -2 per turnover. Top NBA performers usually average over 50 fantasy points per game. 40-50 is usually an NBA All-Star. See historical NBA stats.

Last update: 10/13/08
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NBA Fantasy Sleepers
· Nene Hilario (Denver): Is this the season people finally learn Nene's real name?

· Al Horford (Atlanta): Someone needs to own the paint in Atlanta.

· Ron Artest (Rockets): Has the potential to sneak in and fill the fantasy void McGrady is sometimes to soft to fill.

· Kevin Durant (Thunder): How high is high?

· Mo Williams (Cavs): The Cavs are the right team for Mo, cause Cleveland needs another guy that likes to score.
RISKY: Question marks (good or bad)
· Andris Biedrins (Golden State): Has the potential to breakout this year.

· Jamal Crawford (New York): If D'Antoni is aiming for a wide open fast-paced offense like in Phoenix than Crawford is likely the biggest Knick beneficiary.

· Luol Deng (Chicago): Deng is a huge question mark. There is enough talent in Chicago to totally crowd him down. And yet at the same time the Bulls may turn to him for leadership.

· Tyson Chandler (New Orleans): Blocks, rebounds, and a few dunk feeds from CP3 and you got yourself a fantasy machine.