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Top 20 (+) MLB Players (Batters)

1. Alex Rodriquez NYY (3B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 1, 2006 Total Rank: 11
2007 5x5 Rank: 1, 2006 5x5 Rank: 9
It's going to be very hard to improve on last year's numbers.

2. David Wright NYM (3B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 2, 2006 Total Rank: 16
2007 5x5 Rank: 2, 2006 5x5 Rank: 8
Proving to be consisten, and an across-the-board fantasy contributor.

3. Hanley Ramirez FLA (SS) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 5, 2006 Total Rank: 64
2007 5x5 Rank: 4, 2006 5x5 Rank: 36
The added power made the difference last season. Is it for real?

4. Chase Utley PHI (2B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 11, 2006 Total Rank: 26
2007 5x5 Rank: 8, 2006 5x5 Rank: 4
The best second baseman in the game.

5. Matt Holliday COL (OF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 3, 2006 Total Rank: 10
2007 5x5 Rank: 3, 2006 5x5 Rank: 2
Appears to be the real deal.

6. Miguel Cabrera DET (3B/OF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 17, 2006 Total Rank: 9
2007 5x5 Rank: 27, 2006 5x5 Rank: 7
Don't pass him up. One of these years he's going to be a fantasy monster.

7. Jimmy Rollins PHI (SS) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 6, 2006 Total Rank: 43
2007 5x5 Rank: 5, 2006 5x5 Rank: 25
Impeccably consistent.. at proving skeptics wrong.

8. Alfonso Soriano CHC (OF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 42, 2006 Total Rank: 28
2007 5x5 Rank: 17, 2006 5x5 Rank: 13
Impossible to ignore.

9. Jose Reyes NYM (SS) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 37, 2006 Total Rank: 35
2007 5x5 Rank: 55, 2006 5x5 Rank: 15
Last year everyone was tripping over themselves to get him. This year, is he your value steal?

10. Albert Pujols STL (1B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 13, 2006 Total Rank: 1
2007 5x5 Rank: 32, 2006 5x5 Rank: 1
Becoming a risk. Watch elbow status.

11. Ryan Howard PHI (1B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 31, 2006 Total Rank: 13
2007 5x5 Rank: 59, 2006 5x5 Rank: 33
Swung for the fences too often last season and still missed 50 HR's. Still, Howard is power you can draft with confidence.

12. Brandon Phillips CIN (2B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 27, 2006 Total Rank: 141
2007 5x5 Rank: 12, 2006 5x5 Rank: 77
Risky pick. Hard to say if last year is a sign of things to come or the best Phillips will ever be.

13. David Ortiz BOS (1B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 7, 2006 Total Rank: 7
2007 5x5 Rank: 14, 2006 5x5 Rank: 38
Home run production has dropped off a bit, but the batting average made up for it last year. Can he repeat?

14. Bobby Abreu NYY (OF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 16, 2006 Total Rank: 17
2007 5x5 Rank: 26, 2006 5x5 Rank: <22
He could start to settle in nicely during his 2nd full season with the Yankees.

15. Vladimir Guerrero LAA (OF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 20, 2006 Total Rank: 14
2007 5x5 Rank: 35, 2006 5x5 Rank: 3
Becoming a risk at his age, but hard to pass up until he definitely proves you wrong.

16. Magglio Ordonez DET (RF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 4, 2006 Total Rank: 95
2007 5x5 Rank: 9, 2006 5x5 Rank: 63
More than a few skeptics are out there, but by the numbers Ordonez was one of the best in the game last year.

17. Ryan Braun MIL (3B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 15, 2006 Total Rank: n/a
2007 5x5 Rank: 6, 2006 5x5 Rank: n/a
Huge potential after emerging on the scene last year.

18. Prince Fielder MIL (1B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 12, 2006 Total Rank: 105
2007 5x5 Rank: 37, 2006 5x5 Rank: 66
Not a great 5x5 guy, but brings you good power.

19. Grady Sizemore CLE (CF) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 30, 2006 Total Rank: 45
2007 5x5 Rank: 24, 2006 5x5 Rank: 21
If his batting average can improve, which it should, then Grady could be a good value this year.

20. Mark Teixeira TEX (1B) (stats)
2007 Total Rank: 36, 2006 Total Rank: 48
2007 5x5 Rank: 51, 2006 5x5 Rank: 50
Played just 132 games last year but numbers were still solid.

Just Missed the Top 20:
(Total rank,5x5 rank)

Carlos Lee (LF-HOU) (9,7) (stats): Reliable. Solid fantasy numbers.
Carlos Beltran (CF-NYM) (10,18) (stats): Lots of upside with a little bit of risk.
Travis Hafner (1B-CLE) (63,100) (stats): Production dipped last year, pretty much across the board. Due for a bounce?
Chipper Jones (3B-ATL) (8,11) (stats): 100+ Runs and 100+ RBI's last year-- like the good old days.
Carlos Pena (1B-TB) (14,48) (stats): Smacked 46 HR's last year, kind of outta nowhere.
Victor Martinez (C-CLE) (43,60) (stats): About as solid as you can get for a C pick.

More to Watch
(Total rank,5x5 rank)

Curtis Granderson (CF-DET) (21,13) (stats): Can he get even better?
Carl Crawford (LF-TB) (51,31) (stats): Entering his 6th MLB season, he is what he is.
B.J. Upton (CF-TB) (53,20) (stats): Can he repeat the .300 average?
Hideki Matsui (LF-NYY) (24,38) (stats): Will be spending more time as DH which should help reduce the injury risk? But will they get his bat in the line-up every day?
Corey Hart (RF-MIL) (29,22) (stats): 30/30 potential.
Nick Markakis (RF-BAL) (22,10) (stats): Just steady. No fantasy zing.
Russell Martin (C-LAD) (32,28) (stats): Catcher with everyday-quality stats.
Brian Roberts (2B-BAL) (44,52) (stats): Position value.
Ian Kinsler (2B-TEX) (52,62) (stats): Position value.
Jorge Posada (C-NYY) (35,45) (stats): Coming off the best year of his career.
Adrian Beltre (3B-SEA) (45,33) (stats): Longing for another 2004.
Carlos Guillen (SS-DET) (33,23) (stats): Yet to put it all together in one season. Could this be the year?

Whatever Happened to?
(Total rank,5x5 rank)

Derrek Lee (1B-CHC) (49,30) (stats): Loaded with upside, so much so you can say is he one of the best in the game? Or too big of a risk?
Derek Jeter (SS-NYY) (70,36) (stats): Stable but frustrating that it's never any more than that.
Vernon Wells (CF-TOR) (100,97) (stats): 2003 was a long-time ago. player rankings (batters / position players only) are based on fantasy value expectations for the 2008 season and taking into account injury risks and team trends. Rankings will be continually updated.

Last update: 3/10/08
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MLB Fantasy Sleepers
First Base:
· Adrian Gonzalez (SD): Will likely be overlooked despite his productive #'s.
Second Base:
· Kaz Matsui (HOU): If all the 2B's are gone in your draft, this could be a good, late surprise pick (or a back-up to your risky Kendrick pick).
Third Base:
· Chone Figgins (LAA): Played in only 115 games last year-- otherwise good for 50-60 SB's.
· This year, there are actually a good deal of solid SS options. Sleepers could be SS Julio Lugo (BOS), Alex Gonzalez (CIN), Ryan Theriot (CHC). But there are plenty of goos SS: Guillen, Tulowitzki, Renteria, M.Young, Peralta, Cabrera, Greene, Hardy, Tejada, Furcal-- not to mention Ramirez, Reyes, and Rollins.
· Carlos Lee (HOU): Not a usual choice for a 'sleeper'. The point is just that for the consistency, he might be overlooked in your league.
· Bobby Abreu (NYY): In the middle of a packed Yankees line-up. Watch out if he can get his average up around .300.
· Brad Hawpe (COL): Sky is the limit in COL.
· Chris Young (ARI): 30/30 seems like a lock-- and you can pick him up cheap.
What to do?
· Geovany Soto (CHI): Geo is a highly-acclaimed catcher (having hit .353 w/ 26 HR's in AAA ball). Worth keeping an eye on (surely someone else will take a flyer on him though before it becomes a smart pick).
First Base:
· Richie Sexson (SEA): Resist the temptation? With many 1B's in fantasy baseball, probably not necessary to bet on a recovery.
Third Base:
· Troy Glaus (STL): Could the change of scenery be good for a bounce? Worth a late flyer.
· Andruw Jones (LAD): Still the clean-up hitter for the Dodgers. Will he bounce back?
· Jason Bay (PIT): Injuries may be the reason for his slump last season. Can he bounce?
Top 70 Statistical Ranking

2007 Rankings and Stats
TRrFull namePos5x5-rRHRRBISBAVG
1A Rodriguez3B11435415624.314
2D Wright3B21133010734.325
3M HollidayOF31203613711.340
4M OrdonezOF9117281394.363
5H RamirezSS4125298151.332
6J RollinsSS5139309441.296
7D OrtizDH14116351173.332
8C Jones3B11108291025.337
9C LeeOF7933211910.303
10C BeltranOF18933311223.276
11C Utley2B8104221039.332
12P Fielder1B37109501192.288
13A Pujols1B3299321032.327
14C Pena1B4899461211.282
15R Braun3B691349715.324
16B AbreuOF261231610125.283
17Mi Cabrera3B2791341192.320
18G SheffieldOF41107257522.265
19E ByrnesOF21103218350.286
20V GuerreroOF3589271252.324
21C GrandersonOF13122237426.302
22N MarkakisOF10972311218.300
23L Berkman1B2995341027.278
24H MatsuiOF38100251034.285
25T HunterOF16942810718.287
26A DunnOF34101401069.264
27B Phillips2B12107309432.288
28A RiosOF15114248517.297
29C HartOF2286248123.295
30G SizemoreOF24118247833.277
31R Howard1B5994471361.268
32R MartinC2887198721.293
33C GuillenSS23862110213.296
34B BondsOF727528665.276
35J PosadaC459120902.338
36M Teixeira1B5186301050.306
37J ReyesSS55119125778.280
38K GriffeyOF507830936.277
39M Lowell3B4379211203.324
40A RowandOF1910527896.309
41G Atkins3B4083251113.301
42A SorianoOF1797337019.299
43V MartinezC6078251140.301
44B Roberts2B52103125750.290
45A Beltre3B3387269914.276
46A Ramirez3B6472261010.310
47T Helton1B848617910.320
48J Morneau1B7784311111.271
49D Lee1B309122826.317
50T TulowitzkiSS2510424997.291
51C CrawfordOF3193118050.315
52I Kinsler2B6296206123.263
53B Upton3B2086248222.300
54Ad Gonzalez1B63101301000.282
55B HawpeOF8080291160.291
56P BurrellOF1157730970.256
57M RamirezOF818420880.296
58I SuzukiOF4411166837.351
59P Polanco2B541059677.341
60J ThomeDH1037935960.275
61O CabreraSS4610188620.301
62R Cano2B399319974.306
63T HafnerDH10080241001.266
64J Kent2B877820791.302
65J DamonOF7593126327.270
66K Youkilis1B678516834.288
67R IbanezOF7980211050.291
68R Zimmerman3B589924914.266
69E RenteriaSS5387125711.332
70D JeterSS36102127315.322

* 5x5-r: Ranking for 5x5 Rotisserie Baseball. All players with over 159 at bats are ranked for home runs, stolen bases, RBI's, Runs, and Batting Average. And all the players are ranked according to their average ranking for all 5 categories.
* TRr: "Total Ranking" takes into several factors including 5x5 ranking, Fantasy Value (Runs, RBI's, Bases, Walks= 1 point; Steals= 2 points; Caught stealing=-1); Fantasy Value per at-bat; and other factors.