Is Betting on Fantasy Football Gambling?

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Is Betting on Fantasy Football Gambling?

Fantasy football is currently under a debate of whether it should be declared gambling or a game of skill. Fantasy bettors are now under pressure to potentially give up their fantasy football betting activities and return to standard fantasy sports competitions, without the chance to make money out of their fantasy skills. Fans of this website know the best what itís like to be unable to play your favorite skill games online. Surprisingly, the politicians have even targeted Yahoo and the fantasy sports service that this company offers to fantasy fans.

The two biggest fantasy sites that have suffered the biggest blows are FanDuel and DraftKings. Currently fantasy players are unable to use these sites in New York or at least until politicians have decided to rule fantasy football as a game of skill, and not gambling. If they do declare it gambling, players will no longer be able to bet on daily and weekly fantasy events just like they havenít been able to bet at online casinos ever since the UIGEA 2006 was enacted. Sports

So why is this happening? Is it because politicians want a piece of the cake so they try to put some pressure on fantasy sites? Maybe this is their way of putting them under their control because they are afraid of being left out of all of that money, and the fact is that fantasy betting is growing bigger every day.

The main question is: is fantasy football betting a gambling activity, or is it just a game of skill? The main argument of those against fantasy betting is that fantasy betting has the same entertainment value as gambling. You bet on a fantasy team to win and try to win money by guessing the right team. In the meantime the house (or the fantasy sports site) gets a percentage of all of those bets, just like gambling establishments do. Sports

But, if we look it that way, then isnít lottery gambling too? Why it is not declared gambling when lottery services take a percentage of all lottery tickets? On top of that, lottery is purely a game of chance. Fantasy football betting on the other hand is purely a game of skill. You canít make a winning fantasy bet if you donít know anything about football and football players. You have to know which players can perform, which canít during a given day and based on all of the research that youíve made you have make a knowledgeable bet. Probably the best thing is to make this a regulated and legal activity, even if it is declared gambling. Why should it be illegal in the United States? Look at Europe and all of those online casinos, sportsbooks and fantasy sites. They are all regulated and taxed. Why should millions of dollars go offshore as with online casinos that defy the laws and serve US players anyway?